The story behind #GetInTouchForHutch

On February 10, we experienced an extremely deep and personal loss of our son, friend, brother and team mate Steven Hutchison.  Steven took his own life.

No one would have known about the internal struggles that Steven was experiencing. He was well known for his amazing smile, for being a great student, a talented athlete and for having a strong presence in the community.

Through the experience of our loss, we have learned that Mental Health issues are more common and present in our communities than we ever realized.  It is estimated that 10-20% of Canadian youth are affected by a mental illness or disorder – the single most disabling group of disorders worldwide.

Our children deal with an incredible amount of societal pressure in today’s world and often times fear that they will appear weak or that it is socially unacceptable to publicly ask for help.

Out of this sad tragedy we have started on a journey to find a way to get our
youth talking.  There is an overall need to remove the stigma that is attached to Mental Illness as a whole and to provide ways for our youth to talk about and share their feelings or concerns in a manner that meets the needs of children and teens today.

Our goal in honouring Steven’s memory is that we want to raise awareness about mental health issues so that people don’t feel stigmatized.  Our hope is that someday people will be as comfortable talking about  their Mental Illness symptoms as they are in talking about their broken leg or the flu that they have.
We need to remove the fear that people will be judged or thought less of because they are reaching out and asking for the help that they need.

We feel so extremely blessed to have received so much support already from our family, friends and community since Steven’s passing.  Our hope is to continue sharing your support with each of our charities so that they can ensure our youth get the assistance that they need when they need it.

With most sincere regards,
Myrna, Stu and Kevin Hutchison
On behalf of Steven’s Family & Friends